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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Windows App

These are some free apps for windows phone users created by me. Check them out....

Image Locker:

Image Locker is a application which can save your images from unwanted peoples. You can create as many albums as you want, and save images to them. You can easily access each album. You can add up to 10 images in a single album. You can set your own lock code in image locker. After adding a photo in to image locker you have to manually delete it from photo library. You can save your image back to photo library from image locker, anytime easily. Image locker is a very fast application and does not slow down your phone. It is very user friendly and easy to use. You do not lose any image quality while viewing your image. You can rotate and scale your photo freely while viewing it in image locker. You can change lock code any time. You can easily delete and insert Images in a album.

Get App From Here

secure text:
Now this is something new.
Secure Text is a unique application for communication. You can send your messages or images in the form of encrypted text. You can use sms, email or any other medium to send your encrypted text without have to worry about the security of your message. This application has following key features. 1. You can encrypt images in the text format, and you can send them via any text communication channel (for example sms). 2. You can use custom passwords to encrypt your messages or images. 3. This application automatically re-sizes your images according to the capability of communication channel you want to use. 4. You can encrypt same message multiple times( most of the times encrypting your message once is sufficient). 5. You can save decrypted images to media library.

Get App From Here

Debtors-Creditors Accounting:
The first app aimed for accounting professionals.
This is a easy and simple general purpose accounting application. You can create and delete accounts and add debit and credit transactions. There are following features of this application.
1. Generate account wise ledger.
2. View account summery.
3. View Transaction summery
4. Easily create update and delete accounts.
5. Easily create multiple user logins.

Get App From Here

Scientific Calculator:

Apart from all scientific calculator features, it has a very unique feature for students and professionals, after solving any equation you can see all the evaluation steps. It will provide a better understanding about how equation is solved.

Get App From Here

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